About Us

LUXICO is committed to helping contemporary African consumers to assert their identity and celebrate their creativity by providing access to leading local and global fashion and beauty brands.

From our headquarters in Kinshasa, the epicentre of modern African culture, we are able to tap into trends that combine traditional and digital influences. Meeting the requirements of today’s younger consumers, who perceive quality rather than price as the measure of value, requires an international network of designers and suppliers.

LUXICO has expertise in every aspect of the fashion and beauty retail value chains, including logistics, retail and marketing. We procure and promote the brands that people are talking about and support the lifestyles that are driving Africa’s national economies and shaping the way that Africans see and project themselves.

This is an exciting time for Africa, and we are proud to be playing our part in defining and enabling it.

What We Do
As a distributor of luxury brands,
we offer the following services:
Brand Development
Promotional and trade activities to support existing luxury brands, enhance their appeal to consumers, and increase their market share. We also have considerable expertise in introducing new luxury brands into Africa, using our in-depth knowledge of each country to achieve maximum impact, awareness, and desirability.
Sales Support
Whether your business needs information, marketing materials, or advice on how best to sell luxury brands, we can help you understand what your customers are looking for, and how to keep them delighted.
We instinctively understand each of the brands we represent, and what makes them unique. We also identify with the wants and needs of today’s luxury shopper, and we know how to speak to them and convince them to upgrade their product choices.
Supply Chain
Our logistics operation is the foundation of everything we do. From bonded warehouses to secure, rapid transportation, we’ll ensure that your business is never left short of the products your customers require. Our logistics expertise will enable you to maintain your reputation for dependability.
Professional Education
We’re passionate about sharing our product expertise, and we are committed to offering professional training and education to salon and spa owners. We regularly attend industry shows across Africa, and we provide hands-on, in-business training and product demonstrations.
Our Values
Just like the prestigious international
brands we represent
LUXICO will never compromise on its core values. That’s what makes us such a natural fit with premium luxury brands.


We develop creative strategy solutions to overcome the challenges of doing business across Africa, and to promote the brands we represent.

Customer Service

Just like you, our ultimate aim is that everyone who uses one of the products we distribute will be delighted with the results, and spread the word.


We’ve learned that there are many ways to achieve the best results, and we continue to improve our service offering and reach out to new partners.


LUXICO will never compromise on its core values. That’s what makes us such a natural fit with premium luxury brands.