Luxico Membership

The Luxe List, an exclusive beauty and fashion concierge service, was founded in 2016 and, since its inception, it has encapsulated a simple idea: exceptional personal service at an unsurpassed level. A carefully curated membership ensures that clients receive unparalleled access to the very best of everything that beauty and fashion have to offer.   

Drawing on an elite and extensive network of contacts, The Luxe List puts clients firmly at the centre. We proactively anticipate clients’ needs: sourcing the most desirable products and by way of this opening doors to unique and unforgettable sensory experiences.


Members of The Luxe List are hand-picked and consist of those who have a zeal for the best things in beauty, fashion, and luxury retail and the multifaceted opportunities each of these offers. Membership is awarded on a selective basis and our members can expect to enjoy the numerous advantages of incomparable connections utilised to make life both effortless and exhilarating.

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The Luxe List provides access to the world's finest in skincare, haircare, fragrance, and cosmetics, with our specially trained concierge staff giving personalised recommendations based each client's beauty needs and desires.



From those with a fully matured sense of style to those attempting to find their fashion voice, Luxe List professionals take the time to offer suggestions to every client based on a multi-faceted approach which takes into consideration the whole person. It's holistic fashion at its finest.