Welcome to Luxico Fashion – where international and local brands meet today’s African consumer.

Our decades of fashion experience and location in Kinshasa – epicentre of African youth culture – means we are ideally placed to understand the needs of today’s style-conscious consumer – and how your brand can meet them.

A new generation of young urban shopper is emerging. As economies grow, they can now ally increased spending power to their own unique sense of style.

We have our finger on the pulse of all the latest trends, and access to the networks and channels required to meet consumer demands as young people increasingly adopt ready-to-wear fashion.

The African fashion market is being driven by these younger consumers, and their numbers are rapidly increasing. They are optimistic, brand-conscious, connected and very much focused on quality and brands that are compatible with their cultural imperatives.

Our curated portfolio of local and international brands has been created with the needs of sophisticated and globalized trendsetters in mind. Luxico Fashion is the home of style, inventiveness and creativity in Africa, and our marketing, retail and supply chain expertise can help align your brand with the continent’s flourishing fashion scene.

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