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A focal point for fashion and beauty

The Luxico showroom serves as a portal to creativity, self-confidence and style. In an increasingly homogenous world, it represents both a sanctuary and a passport to a world where individual differences are celebrated.

When consumers visit our showroom, they are not just ‘going shopping’. Rather, they are embarking on a journey of self-discovery and experiencing a space where beauty comes from within, and style is a personal choice informed by culture and infused with meaning.

Our Limete showroom is a stylish, aspirational place where consumers can encounter brands and products, and visualise a more beautiful, fashionable life experience for themselves. It’s the antithesis to mall culture; rather, it is a deeply personal space with curated displays that speak to the sensibilities of contemporary consumers and showcase the styles and products that are helping modern African men and women express themselves and state their ambitions.

Obsessed with service

The Luxico showroom is the embodiment of our philosophy: essentially, we’re obsessed withs service. It’s been a hallmark of our brand from day one, and has helped us gain a place on the modern-day map of African retail distribution and brand management.

Each customer who visits our showroom can be certain of a unique, customised experience. It’s much more of an exploration than a shopping trip. The focus is on discovery and affirmation; on understanding each person’s needs and then finding the garments and fragrances that both answer these needs and powerfully express their identity.

The showroom itself is a stylish respite from the hustle and bustle of the city streets, but it is not a retreat. Rather, it’s a place in which to revitalise, gather strength and then re-emerge like a butterfly escaping its chrysalis. 

The man of the moment

Of course, such a unique experience requires a very special master of ceremonies: enter Thomas Lutonadio, our Sales Manager. When we first interviewed Thomas, we had no doubts that he was exactly the person we were looking for. His sartorial flair is impeccable, and he has an innate sense of the style that would work best for each person.

Spend just a few moments talking to Thomas and he will divine which fragrance deserves to become your signature scent, or assist our beauty concierges and indulge you in our latest fashion range. Thomas will always recommend the perfect products for your skin type and the best suited fashion for your body shape.

Thomas combines genuine passion with a depth of knowledge that few can match. A fixture on Kinshasa’s fashion scene, he is a favourite amongst both his colleagues and Luxico’s customers. His work ethic means that he will not rest until each customer is not merely satisfied, but delighted, while his uncanny ability to ascertain the wants and aspirations of each person who steps through the door has resulted in many unexpected but serendipitous pairings.

Needless to say, Thomas himself is always impeccably dressed, and something of a style and grooming icon. After all, if you should never trust a skinny chef, you should equally only discuss your personal style with an elegant sales manager.

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