Latest History of Luxico

A proud heritage; an exciting future

Luxico is a company with deep roots in the DRC. Indeed, we can trace our lineage back to before the DRC was the DRC. As the country has grown in wealth and cultural influence, it has been our privilege to grow to, and to use our expanded reach to provide more of what Congolese people look for when they want to express their identity.

Ask any Congolese what the name Hasson means to them – especially if they are a Kinois, or resident of Kinshasa – and they’ll tell you about the iconic Hasson et Frere Group. This storied enterprise can trace its history back to 1936, and Luxico is proud to continue their legacy of service excellence and transparency into a new century and beyond.

Over time, Hasson et Frere became one of the most significant concerns in the DRC, and built up unsurpassed knowledge of fashion and textiles. The company stayed in tune with Congolese fashion trends – indeed, it was often ahead of them, and played a key role in establishing the unique Kinois look and vibe.

Often imitated but never equalled, Congolese style serves as a benchmark for fashionistas from across the continent.

Bringing Paris to Africa

Hasson et Frere opened their first fashion boutique in downtown Kinshasa in 1951. It drew on the city’s strong links with Paris, then as now the fashion capital of the world. The ‘Au Chic’ boutique gave Congolese consumers the chance to adopt – and adapt – Western styles to meet their needs.

Reaching out

In a country as large as the DRC, being able to connect across vast distances is vital. Beginning I 1952, Hasson et Frere began to invest in wholesale distribution. This brought more and more Congolese into contact with the world’s fashion currents in what has proved to be a mutually beneficial exchange.

The fabric of society

Throughout the 1960s, Hassan et Frere moved into manufacturing clothing – and their brand became synonymous with a certain style that has endured for decades. The company continued to expand, increasing production and developing enhanced retail destinations, as well as its own label, Bleu Orange, a name which spoke to the dichotomy at its heart: stylish yet accessible clothing.

By the start of the new Millennium, Hasson et Frere has recognised the need for Congolese consumers to augment their homegrown styles by gaining access to global powerhouse brands. Its stature within the country was recognised by the awarding of exclusive distribution and marketing rights for PUMA and DaViva.

A new era

In 2015, Hasson et Frere pivoted away from clothing retail as part of the company’s reinvention as BOA Congo. This change was more than just cosmetic; it reflected a desire to meet the needs of consumers across multiple luxury lifestyle categories, including beauty, fashion and pharmaceuticals. Operating under the BOA Congo umbrella, Luxico is proud to have inherited the mantle of Hasson et Frere, and to be meeting the needs of a new generation of self-aware Congolese.

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